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Live Life & Practice on Your Own Terms

If you can build a successful practice once then luck was probably on your side. If you do it twice, it may have been a coincidence. If you can do it a third time without fail, you may just know what you’re doing. Take that knowledge and run with it.

How do you choose to practice? There is no wrong answer, and it really is up to you. You can be part of a larger medical organization, a cog in the machine. You can work from home or make housecalls. You can be an independent practitioner in a small private office who only accepts cash payments. What appeals to you the most? Make that your goal and then make it happen.

Life is hard enough on its own without having to worry about work. One of the best gifts that you can give yourself is a stress-free work environment. What’s your niche? Where in practice do you thrive?

Why I Started PSA

As it turns out, school does not prepare you to succeed in practice. The conversation about what actually happens after graduation rarely if ever comes up. I remember having a vague sense that somehow everything would work out… Some are lucky enough to have family money or connections. The rest of us just have to figure it out for ourselves. Many never do. In a very real sense we’re thrown to the wolves and have to fend for ourselves. After all, ‘Chiropractors eat their young.’ PSA is my effort to change that dynamic.

In Chiropractic school I learned a lot of orthopedic tests and how to treat various conditions. I got to be really good at it. But teaching you how to go about applying those skills? The school that I went to did offer a ‘practice management’ module towards the end, but none of what they offered was applicable in the real world. They didn’t teach you how to find a job. They didn’t teach you how to start a practice. They didn’t teach you how to find patients. They also failed to teach you how to handle the massive egos of other practitioners.

After years of fumbling, I finally got it right. I was lucky. Many of my classmates were not. They never succeeded in practice and eventually moved on to other careers. So much time and money down the drain…enter PSA.

I was told that you ‘need to set up practice where you want to die.’ Well, that’s wrong too. I’ve moved my practice from location to location and from state to state. Once you learn how to be successful in practice, that is a transferable skill. It follows you wherever you go. Unfortunately, success is not what they’re teaching.

I started PSA for two reasons

For one, I want to help others be successful in practice. The American Healthcare System is designed to make Alternative Healthcare Providers fail. Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, and many others do not fit neatly into our broken Healthcare System. There is little room for wellness. Our system is designed around diagnosing disease and then prescribing medications or a procedure to cure it. That works great for an infection or a broken bone, but most of the stress-related ailments of modern life don’t fit so squarely into that box.

Alternative approaches are desperately needed, but our society’s dependence on a patchwork insurance system that doesn’t value, understand, or support what we do undermines us at every turn. I want to help others thrive in spite of that system. I want to help make sure that our patients have better options. The educational half of PSA is my attempt to help lift up Alternative Healthcare providers so that they can thrive.

The second reason is a bit less altruistic. I’m tired of using my body to make money. It may sound funny to put it like that, but that’s really what we do. Physical medicine is very hard work. You could just as easily be working on a farm. I had a number of classmates who had injured themselves before we even graduated, and they had to find alternate ways to practice.

I’ve been lucky. I’m close to 20 years in, and occasional elbow twinges aside, I’m holding up just fine. But how long can that last? I’m interested in moving forward using my mind rather than my body. The Website Services half of PSA is just that, my embarking on a new phase in practice.

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